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Cedars Sheds Erection & Decor is located in Abu Dhabi. It is equipped with the latest up to date technology including advanced NC machinery, plasma metal cutter, and computer-aided software for estimation and mockup testing. The premises consist of office units, steel, and stainless steel division, cladding division, and glass division.

Metal Works (Steel & Stainless Steel)

Our metal works division (Steel & Stainless steel) is a testament to precision and crafts- manship. Cedars Sheds Erection and Decor specializes in crafting metal components that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. From custom-made doors, to intricate footpaths, ship stairs, handrails, ladders, access panels/covers, canopies, pergo- las, shades and steel structural. We deliver solutions that stand the test of time.

Glass Panels Installation Works

With a keen eye for design and safety, Cedars Sheds Erection and Decor offers exceptional glass plates installation services. We understand the importance of transparency and aesthetics in modern architecture. Our skilled professionals ensure the flawless installa- tion of glass plates, enhancing natural light and the visual appeal of your space.

Glazed enclosure system choices include :

■ Unitized curtain walling
■ Semi-unitized systems
■ Stick system curtain walling
■ Window systems
■ Glazed skylights
■ Glass Floors
■ Structural applications of glass;beams, fins, shelves
■ Pint fixed glazing
■ Curved glazing
■ Cold bent systems
■ Architectural steelwork support
■ Tensioned cable support
■ Freestanding glass balustrades

Aluminium Facade Systems Fabrication & Installation Works

Cedars Sheds Erection and Decor is your go to partner for fabrication and installation of international facade system. Our team excels in working with aluminum to create versatile and durable solutions. Whether it’s windows, doors, or other architectural elements, we deliver precision-crafted aluminum installations that meet your specifications.

Interior Design Implementation Works (Decor)

At Cedars Sheds Erection and Decor, we are masters of interior design implementation. Our expertise lies in creating captivating interiors that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. From conceptualization to realization, our team brings your vision to life, ensur- ing every detail is meticulously executed. Whether it’s a renovation project or starting from scratch, we trans- form spaces into inspiring environments that leave a lasting impression.

Stainless Steel Division

Cutting edge architects and interior designers choose stainless steel to give an independent identity to their creations, due to its decorative and struc- tural properties. As an alloy with a various combination of base materials, stainless steel offers a high degree of workability. Blended with physical and mechanical properties for the desire performance of the product. However, unlike other mate- rials for example E.G. Aluminum, working with stainless steel requests an artisan skill and a range of special purpose machinery.

To cater to the ever increasing needs of the stainless steel products within the Domestic building sector, Cedars has established a state of the art workshop which stores the most advanced machinery including:

■ Plasma cutting machine (12mm S.S. straight cut) ■ NC press breaks
■ Hydraulic bending system ■ Shearing machine
■ Spot welding machine ■ Pipe bending machine
■ Pipe notching machine ■ Profile bending machine
■ Milling machine ■ Gradating belt machine ■ Easy finish machine
■ Pneumatic polishing machine ■ Small finishing machine
■ MIG and TIG welding machines ■ Belt & wheel polishing machines

Fire Retardant Exterior Cladding ACP Fabrication & Installation

Safety is paramount, and our expertise extends to fire retardant exterior cladding installation. We provide solutions that not only protect your structure but also enhance its overall appearance. Our fire retardant cladding installations are designed to meet rigorous safety standards while offering an attractive facade.

Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields Facilities Services

In the challenging environments of onshore and offshore oil and gas fields and facilities, Cedars Sheds Erection and Decor provides specialized services. Our comprehensive solutions include construction, mainte- nance, and upgrades to ensure the safety and efficien- cy of your operations. With a focus on quality and adher- ence to industry regulations, we are your trusted partner in the energy sector.

At Cedars Sheds Erection and Decor, we combine inno- vation, expertise, and commitment to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. With a diverse portfolio span- ning interior design, metalwork, glass installations, fire retardant cladding, aluminum solutions, and special- ized services for oil and gas fields, we are dedicated to enhancing the form and function of your projects.

Engineering and Facade Solution

Our Technical Team of Facade solutions bring you major benefits, including optimized design, correct installation, expert support across the world, certified solutions and significant cost and time reductions.

CEDARS not only has this experience to draw on, but we have developed an array of integrated and building code compliant curtain wall solutions based on the three pillars of hardware, software and services. With these, CEDARS can support you at every stage of the process, from curtain wall design to positioning, installation, perimeter sealing and documentation.

We are there to help you during the curtain wall production process, delivering a wide offer of products and solutions depending on your requirements.

Curtain wall elements such as mullions, transoms or unitized panels are prepared for installa- tion in a controlled manufacturing environment. It requires high precision and tolerance to achieve fast assembly process on site. All components built in a factory will require engineered drawing and layouts for building code approval.

Transforming Spaces: Comprehensive Décor Solutions

Transforming Spaces: Comprehensive Décor Solutions

CEDARS sheds Erection & Décor has completed and passed through a decade of construction, maintenance, and building renovation, grasping an experience that will continue to promote advancing capabilities in this mission.

CEDARS sheds Erection & Décor has completed and passed through a decade of construction, maintenance, and building renovation, grasping an experience that will continue to promote advancing capabilities in this mission.