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Cedars Company stands as a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship in the realm of design, offering a comprehensive suite of services that redefine spaces both inside and out.

We achieve results through
passion and dedication

CEDARS has completed and passed through a decade of construction, maintenance, and building renovation, grasping an experience that will continue to promote advancing capabilities in this mission.

500 Happy Customers

Cedars sheds Erection & Decor is consistently ensuring that 500 happy customers receive exceptional service and satisfaction.

15+ Years Of History

Cedars sheds Erection & Decor boasts a rich history spanning over 15 years, marked by steadfast dedication and continuous growth.

150 Completed Projects

Cedars sheds Erection & Decor has achieved 150 successful projects, demonstrating our dedication to excellence.

Our Services

Unlock the potential to achieve your goals by integrating purposeful intent with strategic methodologies, ensuring a focused and efficient approach toward realizing your aspirations.

Metal Works

Our metal works division (Steel & Stainless steel) is a testament to precision and crafts- manship. We specializes in crafting metal components that meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Glass Works

With a keen eye for design and safety, we offer exceptional glass plates installation services. We understand the importance of transparency and aesthetics in modern architecture.

Floor Decking

CEDARS Sheds offers services for erection and décor, as well as flooring works, tiling, decking, epoxy, and more. Concrete foundations and road divisions for parking’s interlocks and pedestrian walks areas

Interior Design

We listen to client’s specific needs and through our extensive experience and market knowledge deliver innovative and unique solutions. We promote responsible design, sustainable materials & healthy environments.

General Maintenance

  • Full internal Decoration, maintenance and renovation
  • Steel and stainless steel fabrication-door, footpath, ship stair, ladders and access panels/covers etc

Facade Maintenance

With large enough projects, such as high-rise buildings, the quantity justifies and requires fully custom designed system solutions. For lesser quantities, Cedars sheds Erection & Decor assist with product selection and application of existing systems.

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Our Projects

Our projects for Cedars Sheds Erection & Décor are meticulously crafted, blending innovation and expertise to deliver exceptional results.